Municipal signs are popping up across the District.  Coffee shop talk has begun and formal all-candidates meetings are just around the corner.  What a great opportunity this provides to bring forward the issues that are important to Creative Muskoka supporters, and challenge potential leaders to share their views.  With this in mind, the Executive team with the help of Creative Muskoka member Newman Wallis, has prepared a series of questions that highlight some areas of critical interest.  These questions relate to topics raised by Creative Muskoka participants at the recent visioning workshop hosted by the District of Muskoka.   
* District-wide collaboration: In what ways are you prepared to promote District-wide collaboration in order to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for Muskoka?

* Creative economy: What does the “creative economy” mean to you and in what ways will you support its development in Muskoka?

* Arts and culture as economic base: What role do you envision for arts and culture in Muskoka's economic future?

* Leadership in education: Do you share the dream of making Muskoka an educational leader with world class opportunities for formal and non-formal education?

* Opportunities for youth: While Muskoka's senior population continues to grow, the young and educated are looking beyond Muskoka for career opportunities.  What is your position on this situation?  

* High priorities: Help us understand the type of leader you will be by describing your two highest priorities for change in Muskoka?

* Innovative projects: "Blue sky" for a moment and share your thoughts on what innovative projects would enhance life in this area?

* Balancing environment and economy: Summarize your position on maintaining a balance between environmental sustainability and economic development.  How important is it -- and is a balance currently being maintained?

* Growth and development: To what extent do you feel that population growth and development is necessary for Muskoka?  In your opinion, what type of growth and development should be targeted?

* Industries: What are the industries that you can foresee as bringing prosperity to this region?

* Economic vision: What is your economic vision for Muskoka?

* What we do well: Identify three things that we do really well in Muskoka. How can we build on these to enhance local prosperity?

Feel free to forward these questions to your colleagues, board members, and any other associates you feel would benefit from them. It's time to get involved. Get out and ask some questions. Remember ... the next election isn't for another four years!